Jan 19

Theft is not “Free Speech”

Today, while researching one of the many online pirate forums,I decided to do a search for a recently released indie film.  I’ve blurred out the title of the film and the forum as I have no wish to disseminate info helpful to pirates.  The search returned 319 posts for the film “sharing” hundreds of cyberlocker download links to the film.  While this isn’t news, it is important.  For the record theft IS NOT free speech.  Piracy apologists repeatedly blame the artists for not being innovative enough, blah, blah, blah…..   Please, take a look at this and tell me that piracy doesn’t have an impact on legit sales.  Please, tell me why it’s OK that the posters on this forum earn money by posting stolen content to cyberlockers while the filmmaker earns nothing?  Please explain to me how taking action against this black market business is going to “break the internet?”

Pirate forum search results for new indie film showing more than 300 posts "sharing" download links.