Irony abounds with this Sony ad.   Isn’t Sony one of the major studios represented by the MPAA?  Hmmm…   At any rate, here’s  a page that features direct download links to LOLA.   Notice the right side-bar advertisement from Sony.  Click on the ad and the user is directed to a Sony website.

A Sony “sidebar” ad. To see where you end up, look below.

Here's the Sony page the ad on the pirate site leads to

Here’s another Sony ad on a stream of LOLA.  First an ad appears over the screen.  Click that and you can watch the movie.  On the right is another Sony ad/video.  Above are “sponsored ads” provided by Microsoft.  Hmmm, the rich just get richer.

Sony ads as pop-up on the screen and to the right while Microsoft sponsored ads appear above.

Sony pop-up ad disappears so you can watch the movie.

Click on the "sponsor" for the ads and you'll arrive at Microsoft's ad website shown below.

Microsoft's website for its own ad service. More $$$ to pirates.

Sony ad on right next to stream of LOLA.

Click on the Sony ad and you end up here.