Google is not alone in placing ads on pirate websites.  It seems Microsoft, ever trying to catch up to Google, has an ad service of its own which is featured on this website featuring an illegal stream of LOLA.  When I emailed their DMCA agent to ask about this, I received the following response:

Dear Ms. Seidler,

Thank you for your notice.  Microsoft does not control the website or content appearing on the website you referenced. The Microsoft DMCA agent can only respond to claims regarding alleged infringement occurring on Microsoft websites. Your notice should be directed to the identified website.

Not only are the banner ads above a stream of the film "sponsored" by Microsoft, for good measure an ad for their product appears to the right of the stream (lower right).

These banner ads are placed her by Microsoft's ad service.

Microsoft is also trying to cash in on the web advertising market, but at whose expense??

Now, thanks to my DMCA notice to the website, the page looks like this.

The stream of our film has been removed, but the "Microsoft sponsored" ads remain.

Click the “sponsored ads” link in the lower right corner of the pop-up banner and you are taken here.  Looks a lot like “Microsoft” to me?

"Sponsored ads" links to Microsoft page?