Jan 24

Congress cowers, while pirates get busy to protect their booty

 With established pirate hives (AKA cyberlockers) imploding, online pirate entrepreneurs are working quickly to develop new ways to keep the pirate booty flowing into their bank accounts.

Just today I received this email announcing “the next big thing” for these black market online bootleggers, a new website coming soon “made for pirates by pirates.”

Email announcing the "next best thing"

With pirates busy coming up with alternatives to Megaupload and other newly defunct cyberlockers, isn’t it time Congress gets busy to figure out effective ways to tackle this issue once and for all? Piracy for profit is a problem that won’t disappear by wishing it away. Piracy is a crime that apparently does, and will continue to pay unless action is taken to stop it.

Busy Bees protecting their pirate booty.