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Google also operates an extensive network of blog sites.   Pirated streams and links also appear often on Blogger sponsored pages and again, one has to file a DMCA notice with Blogger to have the offending page taken down.  One can forgive Google for not monitoring the content of blogs, but what’s interesting is that when infringing content is found, Google notifies the blogger and disables the page with the infringing content.  Never mind if the entire blog is devoted to providing pirated films.  Below you will find an example of such a site.

Conveniently, the page also features a sidebar of Google AdSense ads.

Google AdSense ads adorn the top left side of the page.

At any rate, this particular page is worth noting as an example of a site that required not one, but 3 different DMCA notices to 3 different emails: Blogger, AdSense and Facebook (source of the video files).

A "Blogger" hosted website that also features Google ads and download links to our film.