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Jan 09

R.I.P. myArtCinema2 (A.K.A. YouTube Pirate)

If you read my earlier post describing how a YouTube user monetized pirated films , you’ll appreciate this update:

Jan 09

Youtube Allows Pirate “Partners” to Profit From Illegal Movie Uploads

I was on YouTube recently and came across another, not so surprising, downside to their content monetization.  At first I’d noticed some movie trailers that were uploaded, claimed, and monetized by entities other than the studios/rights holders.  Now it’s not surprising that folks upload trailers that aren’t theirs, claim it and make money off it. …

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Jan 03

More Evidence Ad Dollars Support Piracy

I was happy to see today’s “Advertising Transparency Report” issued by USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab that documents the flow of ad dollars from legit companies to pirate websites.  According to the report: …many major brands are not aware that they are in fact the key source of funds for the Piracy industry, it is the goal of …

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Dec 19

Should More Artists Speak Out Against Piracy?

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.26.29 PM

Today I came across a blog post published by Chris Kornelis in the Seattle Weekly, “It’s Time for Artists to Fight Piracy as Vigorously as They’ve Challenged Pandora.”  Kornelis asserts,”One of the year’s most peculiar yet persistent music-industry trends has been the way legitimate forms of digital-music consumption have been vilified more strongly than illegitimate ones.” As …

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Dec 08

Google Search #FAIL Means More $$$ for Them

Not to beat a dead horse, but surprise, surprise….I did a Google search this morning to see how easy it would be to find download links for “Kyss Mig,” a recently released Swedish indie film. I used Google to search for “download kyss mig” and….oops, so much for Google’s new search algorithm that’s supposed to …

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Aug 10

Google changes search ranking algorithm to target pirate websites

In a move that’s long overdue, Google has announced a change to the search algorithm it uses to “rank” websites listed in search results, lowering the ranking of the most egregious pirate sites.  In a posting on their “Inside Search” blog Amit Singhal explains the move: We aim to provide a great experience for our …

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Jun 23

The Trichordist’s David Lowery on the cost of “free culture”

The Trichordist “Artists for an Ethical Internet” blog recently featured an eloquent piece by musician David Lowery written in response to an NPR blog post by Emily White.   Anyone interested in the issue of creator’s rights should read and share this piece.  It speaks for itself-read it here. Recently Emily White, an intern at …

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Jan 25

Megaupload’s do-si-do around the DMCA

If you read the 70 page federal indictment against notorious pirate cyberlocker website Megaupload, you will find this charge on page 10, section 22: When a file is being uploaded to, the Conspiracy’s automated system calculates a unique identifier for the file (called a “MD5 hash”) that is generated using a mathematical algorithm. If, after the …

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Jan 24

Congress cowers, while pirates get busy to protect their booty

 With established pirate hives (AKA cyberlockers) imploding, online pirate entrepreneurs are working quickly to develop new ways to keep the pirate booty flowing into their bank accounts. Just today I received this email announcing “the next big thing” for these black market online bootleggers, a new website coming soon “made for pirates by pirates.” With …

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Jan 23

Pissed off mini-pirates whine “Where’s My Money?”

In an earlier blog post I wrote about Piracy’s Profit Pyramid and attempted to explain how cyberlockers operated much like a pyramid scheme, a business model that’s served as a catalyst for the explosion in online piracy for profit.  With the feds smacking down Megaupload, other similar sites are scurrying like cockroaches to cover their …

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