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May 22

Hey Derek…the Tech Industry is a “Special Interest” too!

Derek Khanna first came to public notice in 2012 after writing a lopsided anti-copyright “policy brief” for Republican Study Committee called “Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It.” A day after the document was released it was withdrawn and Khanna lost his job at the end of the 112th Congress.  He …

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Sep 13

Copyhype “Support for Rogue Site Legislation Continues to Grow”

Last May, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the PROTECT IP Act, which aims to reduce the ability for sites dedicated to infringement to profit from piracy. Now that Congress is back in session, House Judiciary chairman Lamar Smith plans to introduce a House version of the bill. In July, the Senate Judiciary Committee released its report on …

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Feb 18

CNET: Senate may subpoena Google to antipiracy hearings

by Greg Sandoval WASHINGTON–Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said they want Google to appear before them to discuss upcoming antipiracy legislation as well as accusations that the search company profits from illegal file sharing. Read more:

Feb 10

Obama Admin to Offer New Anti-Piracy Proposal

A new federal report on intellectual property enforcement says that the Obama administration has drafted new proposals to fight Internet piracy and soon will submit the proposals to lawmakers. “… We committed to reviewing existing laws to determine if legislative changes were needed to improve enforcement,” the 2010 Annual Report on Intellectual Property reads. “As …

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