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  2. Do we really want Google and Amazon to control the (online) world? — July 24, 2013
  3. Movie 2k Blocked? — May 29, 2013
  4. Hey Derek…the Tech Industry is a “Special Interest” too! — May 22, 2013
  5. MacKeeper Software Ads Blanket Pirate Websites, Providing Profits to Thieves — April 22, 2013

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Aug 09

We Can’t all be HBO…

Leading the piracy parade is ‘better than an Emmy’?  Please, speak for yourself Mr. Bewkes… According a story yesterday in AdWeek, another well-paid executive linked to the HBO hit “Game of Thrones” is once again singing the praises of online piracy.  Last time it was HBO’s programming president Michael Lombardo, now Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has joined the chorus. …in response to …

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Jul 24

Do we really want Google and Amazon to control the (online) world?

Why aren’t we alarmed by the web giants’ efforts to increase their control of online commerce? Amazon and Google are 2 of the most influential companies in the U.S., if not the world.  Clearly their business models have been hugely successful and their online innovations cannot be denied–but at what cost?  Is it a good …

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May 29

Movie 2k Blocked?

Notorious Pirate site Movie2k.to is gone…at least for now Some good news for indie filmmakers whose work is routinely stolen online.  As of now, the popular pirate portal http://www.movie2k.to is offline thanks, it seems to a court order issued in the UK.  According to a story in Torrent Freak earlier this month a number of UK ISPs were …

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May 22

Hey Derek…the Tech Industry is a “Special Interest” too!

Derek Khanna first came to public notice in 2012 after writing a lopsided anti-copyright “policy brief” for Republican Study Committee called “Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It.” A day after the document was released it was withdrawn and Khanna lost his job at the end of the 112th Congress.  He …

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Apr 22

MacKeeper Software Ads Blanket Pirate Websites, Providing Profits to Thieves

Over the past months, as I’ve journeyed across the web investigating pirate websites I found that many shared something in common (besides stealing content to profit off the work of others).  Along with illegal downloads to popular movies, often times the sites deliver pop-up ads for MacKeeper software, a product of Silicon Valley based Zeobit. Ads …

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Apr 17

Facebook’s Link to the Online Piracy Food Chain

The fact that online piracy has flourished over these past few years is nothing new.  Neither is its co-dependence on an ever-efficient distribution network, largely developed and maintained by an assortment of tech enterprises based in Silicon Valley .  Up to this point, Facebook’s role in enabling this plague of piracy has, for the most part, …

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Jan 26

YouTube (and Netflix) monetize online piracy

Need more evidence that Google’s YouTube earns income from pirates who upload (and monetize) films for which they don’t own the rights?  Well, here’s another example I found today (1/26/13).  This time it’s a YouTube user with the moniker “iWatchEpicMovies.”   The film in question (one of many the uploaded claimed by the user) is …

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Jan 22

Chronic, Ill-Gotten Gains- Google’s Web of Piracy Profit

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” — Sir Walter Scott   Surprise, surprise–Google announced today that its profits “surged” this quarter thanks to an increase in online advertising revenue.  A company press release heralded the news: We ended 2012 with a strong quarter,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google. …

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Jan 21

Mega Goes Live but Business Model Remains Murky

Kim Dotcom’s much ballyhooed new venture, Mega, has gone live. and is, according to a tweet from the mastermind himself, already wildly popular, “250,000 user registrations. Server capacity on maximum load. Should get better when initial frenzy is over. Wow!!!”  It’s no great surprise that there’s a lot of early interest in site, but the real question going …

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Jan 14

Content Leeches-The Dark Underbelly of YouTube’s Content Monetization

Black markets are endemic in criminal culture, so it’s not much of a surprise, given the popularity of Internet commerce, that an illicit economy thrives online.  By now we’ve grown accustomed to finding pirated content and counterfeit products marketed on web sites across the world.  What’s disturbing is how entwined (and dependent) some of these …

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