AdBrite is San Francisco based ad service provider that, like Google, makes money through its ubiquitous advertising placed on websites offering pirated content. Like Google, AdBrite is not pro-active in monitoring, nor disabling advertising accounts even when piracy is documented.

Another HUGE irony is that the owner of AdBrite, Jonathan Gregg Shapiro, is apparently an attorney with a speciality in non other than IP (intellectual property) law.  I suppose since he’s an “expert” in the field, he knows how to dance around the legal mine field so that his company can profit from the theft of other people’s intellectual property.



Like Google, when AdBrite responds to a DMCA notice it’s with a boilerplate email that essentially sends one’s complaint into a worm hole, never to be seen again.  For the record AdBrite and the notorious pirate website are partners in crime.

and so it begins, the never ending carousel ride....

Even when you follow their "instructions" you will be stone-walled with emails like this.