Jan 23

A Pirate’s Lament….

Reaction to Megaupload’s demise has been met with disbelief and anger among those who run sites offering “shared” illegal downloads of films.  Apparently they are upset that it will be more difficult to openly engage in piracy going forward (and that their bank accounts could suffer as a result).  Here’s a status update (translated into English from Portuguese) from a popular Blogger-hosted site that offers infringing downloads for hundreds of films.  Something may have been lost in the translation, but it appears the site’s editor is not pleased.

Pirate blog sites lament the passing of Megaupload.

They provide a cyberlocker status update for the various popular cyberlocker sites frequented by pirates and finish with this note of sadness:

What is the fate of the World Downloads?
We are all seeing the world of downloads is fading slowly, one day at a time. What we, and you fear the most visitors, is nearby.
We can not say anything, what we can do is wait and pray, that this does not pass like mere bad memories,


I guess this is what happens when your house of (pirate) cards comes crashing down.

Here’s another Blogger-hosted site that tried not to skip a beat offering visitors a “tutorial” on how to download pirated movies off another popular cyberlocker site (Wupload.com) (post is translated from Portuguese) along with the assurance: “relax, I have all the movies on a hard drive…”

Blog site offers visitors a handy How-To for another pirate cyberlocker